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About Mrs.

Margreat Malini Sam


Founder & Director of Traditional Folk Dance of India. She is well known at the center for performing arts and has acquired a reputation as a professional Bharatnatyam dancer.

She received her training under the watchful guidance from her eminent Gurus, Mrs Vyjanthimala Bali, Ms. Chandirika Nair, Shri. Padamanabhan, Ms. Vasanta and Ms.Subbhalakshmi.

Mrs. Malini Sam has performed for numerous festivals under prestigious banners and television in India and the United States. She has performed on television in 2012 and 2017 (North Dakota Today) for Pangea event known for celebrating community traditional and culture multi-ethnic showcase for dance. She is credited several awards from the work of her students. 


Mrs. Malini Sam started her dance academy in Fargo, North Dakota in 2006 to preserve, promote and popularize the Indian culture among students and adults who are interested.

Mrs. Malini Sam is a Master Artist from North Dakota Council for Art. She was awarded for a traditional dance apprenticeship from 2010 to 2018. She completed her first residency program at "Art center in Jamestown and Fort Ransom."




We offer a variety of courses from classical dance, folk dance, and bollywood dance which is today's trendiest style for all age groups (beginner to advance lessons ). Get to learn as well to perform on stage.

Try it out!
Tuition fee will be charged after the first class. If your unhappy after first trial class, no fee will be charged. 

Academy Prices


$75 per month, one hour class (once a week) ​

Online classes:
$100 per month for 10 months, one hour class (once a week).

Dress Rental

We have dresses for Garba, Rajasthani, bhangra, and bharatanatyam types of dances.

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Academy Info


111 Broadway, Fargo, North Dakota 58102

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